Ranieri’s family has proposed  a complete and diversified range of lines products on national and international market since 1884; a set of trademarks, each one with its own identity and its own business proposal. Quality products appreciated by the commercial operators and by the final consumer according to own taste and needs.

Produced in conformity with Italian oil tradition, the 100 % Italian extra virgin olive oil MIRA is the result of a masterly choice of 100 % Italian origin, oil obtained from olives pressed and grown in Italy and bounded to satisfy the most exigent palates.
Harmonic to the smell and to the taste, it presents a yellow colour with golden tones, light herbal smell and balanced bitter and spicy notes.
It is perfect to flavour each recipe.
The rigorous checks of the entire productive process make it a high quality oil particularly appreciated by consumers.
Extra virgin olive oil PREMIUM QUALITY is the result of a careful choice of oils obtained from olives picked and pressed with care.
It is a high quality oil that, thanks to its mellow and balanced flavour, it is perfect to exalt , without covering it, the flavour of each dish.
An oil that is able to combine high quality with a competitive price.