Mira’s company carries out meticulous controls in every phase of the productive process: from the selection of the raw material to the processing of the finished product.
In every step experience, ability to manage technological innovations in an effective way and availability to look after great things as well as small and personalized supplies come into play.
Every process leading to the realization of a high quality product always comes from a careful selection of the raw material. Mira’s company carries out a careful and scrupulous selection of the olives, cultivated and harvested with care. Olives enter into this phase in the industrial production process and, step by step, they are processed following state of the art technology, protecting the product and its organoleptic features. The extra virgin olive oil exclusively made in Italy by Mira is a unique and inimitable food: it is unique for its taste full of many shades and for its healty effects as part of a balanced diet.

 Traceability of the production cycle